What Is a Motor Coach and How Can You Rent One in Charleston, South Carolina?

An average American will spend $2,373 on vacation travel this summer.  Group trips are one of the exciting ways you can unwind and take time off with your friends.

But getting everyone to and from your preferred destination safely can be a big hustle. Late arrivals, losing luggage and even getting lost can be a major concern during such trips.

Considering a chartered bus during such instances can save you the hassle of a dreadful trip. Are you considering a reliable option for your next vacation? Renting a charter bus in Charleston, South Carolina has many perks.

What is a charter bus and why should you rent one? Read on to find out.

What is a Motor Coach?

You may be wondering what is a charter bus. A charter bus is a vehicle that operates on a reservation-only basis. In most cases, charter buses are earmarked for private and group purposes during business or leisure expeditions.

Charter buses often guarantee a direct route to your destination, instead of a set bus route. You will enjoy the luxury of traveling with people you know without the inconveniences of many stopovers.

How Does a Charter Bus Look?

This question is common among first-time users of charter buses in Charleston. Well, charter buses are quite different from your ordinary buses. On the outside, most charter buses have large panoramic windows.

You will, therefore, enjoy natural lighting and great views. The buses have huge storage bays that open up for luggage and equipment. This makes them useful when taking long vacations where the need for a lot of baggage is inevitable.

When Can Charter Buses Be Useful?

You might hire a charter bus for a variety of reasons. A sorority may book the services of a chartered bus to ensure a successful trip to and from a specific destination. Such trips are fun and engaging given the group bonding that a chartered bus can offer.

Wedding planners often consider the luxury of chartered buses to shuttle wedding guests to and from the venues. In such cases, minibus rentals and limo buses add beauty to the wedding and give the guests an unforgettable experience.

If you are a corporate entity looking to hire reliable executive buses to shuttle employees to various events, a charter bus provides you with the perfect solution. You only need to make the request and all the logistical issues and concerns will be settled beforehand.

You Are Spoilt for Size

It doesn’t matter how many people are in your entourage, charter buses have you covered. Charter bus sizes vary, depending on your needs and the number of people you need to transport. You may have the option of hiring a 27-seater bus or as big as a 60-seater bus depending on your plans.

If you consider the services of a professional charter company, you can be matched with a charter bus that best suits your needs. Charter buses will have an option for any group size and any destination. The choice of sizes ensures that your trips are always comfortable.

If You Are Keen On Comfort, Look No Further

Charter buses are all about comfort. If you’re looking to reach your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go, then hiring a charter bus is a great choice.

With air-conditioning on board, you can be certain that you’ll be traveling in perfect comfort, no matter what the conditions outside.

Compact Bathroom

Everyone dreads that moment during travel when the call of nature comes and your options are limited. With charter buses this concern is no longer there. Most of the advanced charter buses ensure that you cruise without such worries by providing clean compact bathrooms.

Traveling with friends and loved ones no longer entails those constant stopovers due to the endless need to be excused. This saves time and also improves your overall comfort.


Envision a trip where you get to enjoy your favorite movie or shout at the top of your voices to a favorite tune.  With someone else taking care of the driving, you can all settle back and enjoy the on-board entertainment.

As a group, you can catch up on news, watch TV shows or movies, or listen to music without any interruptions. The ability to provide top-notch entertainment options will make your journey fly by.

Internet Connectivity

You must have been scrolling down eager to see if charter buses offer wireless internet. Well, the answer is an emphatic yes. Most modern charter buses will provide internet options that allow download and upload of content at fast speeds.

Traveling on a charter bus allows you to work online, browse the internet, or just keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

What Is The Cost Of Renting A Charter Bus?

When you book your charter bus can make a huge difference. Renting a charter bus with little time left before your trip may be a mistake for most travelers. You should make a booking at least two months before your excursion.

You can get the best quotes from the most reliable charter buses services providers online or over the phone. At this point, your most likely question is how much do charter buses cost?

This will be down to several factors. The trip mileage, the duration, the model of the charter bus and the number of people traveling in a group all matter. The more the mileage or the more the number of days that the bus will be used, the higher the cost is likely to be.

For An Unforgettable Experience, Hire a Charter Bus

What is a charter bus? Well, now you know. Take the initiative with a few friends and travel in style.

At Coastal Limousine of Charleston, we have cost-effective, comfort filled charter bus services tailored to suit your needs.  Wherever you’re planning to go, we can make your journey a pleasure.

Please contact us for an unforgettable charter bus experience.