Is there anything more satisfying than swirling a world-class glass of wine or craft beer? Or if you’re more into craft brews, what about the refreshing sensation of a world-class barrel-aged beer? Or perhaps, just perhaps, you enjoy drinking in general and see yourself as a seasoned corner wine critic? Are you organizing a corporate off-site wine and beer bus tour? Are you interested in treating your taste buds to the best wines and beers in the area? Do you just feel like drinking with a bunch of friends? Renting a charter brewery bus tour to get you from vineyard to vineyard, brewery to brewery is definitely the way to go.

Brewery Tour in Charleston, SC
Limo & Party Bus Service for Brewery Tours in Charleston, SC

Craft brewers are booming in Charleston because a brewery district has developed a lot in the northern section of the peninsula. Around you, there are many top-notch vineyards and craft brewers. Locals and visitors alike want to know which breweries and taprooms are worth visiting given the variety available. At Coastal Limousine of Charleston, we can help you to make your brewery bus tour memorable. Our experienced chauffeurs will make sure everyone in your group has a great time and still gets home safely.

Stay together

You & your group just might need to rent a bus to visit multiple wineries and/or breweries easily. Renting a luxurious bus for your wine or brewery tour will facilitate the logistics of getting your group from Point A to B. Instead of everyone in your group taking their cars, you can keep your entire group together even while you’re on the road. Consider Coastal Limousine of Charleston for branching out and trying some of the wine trails in Charleston.

Drive Responsibly

There’s one thing that we guarantee is responsible driving when it comes to wine and beer tours! you’ll be tasting plenty of different wines and/or brews throughout the day. It means you and your crew will never get behind the wheel. Keep safe by taking care of your group brewery transportation ahead of time. Our brewery bus drivers will be happy to take you and your group to your destination safely!!

Brewery Bus Tour

Create Your Experience

Lasting memories start by creating an experience. When you hire a luxurious bus for your wine tour, you may decide exactly what you’ll need to get the party started. Our brewery bus tours are affordable and customizable. It will allow you to decide everything from the size of the charter to the passenger space and upholstery. We have got the best & lavished buses for your upcoming brewery tour in Charleston. We help you create an experience that you will never forget.

What to Expect

When your bus arrives at the first vineyard, you’ll all be able to tour the property, learn about the grapes and wine, and even sample various types of both. You’ll learn about the steps involved in creating wine, and you might even get to crush some grapes by hand. After the tour and tasting, you’ll have time to buy some of your favorite wines before getting back on the bus and moving to the next stop. Gourmet foods, cheeses, and snacks are available at certain vineyards to pair with your wine tastings, while live music is offered at others. One thing is for sure, no matter what the wineries offer, your wine tour will be one to remember with the comfort and luxury of your group’s custom brewery tour bus rental.


Trust us! You’ll be glad you decided to go the bus route, especially at the end of a long, glorious day of wine or beer tastings! From going out for the day, to planning an entire weekend getaway, our staff will work with you to plan your reliable, safe transportation for wherever you’re heading.