Whether it is a corporate event or a party, everyone loves arriving in style.

For decades, limousines were the epitome of wealth and class. The first limo hit the streets in 1902 and is still the staple transportation method for high-class and luxury events.

But recently the party bus has started taking over. A party bus is a large vehicle that can carry at least 10 people. The passengers are free to walk around the vehicle, offering flexibility that a limo can’t provide.

Which vehicle is right for your event? Here’s everything you need to know about renting a party bus or a strecth limo.

Renting a Limo

You can never go wrong with a limo. Every occasion feels luxurious when you arrive in a limo. Stretch limos are perfect for weddings, corporate events, prom, and other occasions.

What makes a limo stand out from a party bus?

The Experience

If there’s one aspect about a limo that stands out from a party bus is the overall experience. You’ll feel like a celebrity sitting in the back of a limo.

Limos are ideal if you’re going to prom or a wedding. If you’re the man or woman of the hour, arriving at your destination in a limo can help elevate your appearance even more.

This is another benefit of arriving in a limo. Everyone knows the luxury of riding in a limo.

If you arrive at an event in a limo, you’ll immediately boost others’ perceptions of you. If your goal is to look sophisticated and classy, limo transportation should be your choice.

Comfort and Convenience

One of the first factors you’ll notice with limo transportation is they’re comfortable. The interor is spacious and filled with comfortable wrap-around seating. Many limos also offer complimentary refreshments and snacks.

Most limo companies also personalize many aspects of the ride. For example, you can create your own playlist for the ride.

All of these features make a relaxing ride but also a convenient one. You can sit back in a comfortable seat with a drink and snack, listening to your favorite music.

You have a professional driver taking you to your destination, so all you need to worry about is enjoying the most out of your limo ride.

They’re Safe

Safety is key. You or guests may want to enjoy a few cocktails at the event you’re attending. The last thing you want to do is drink and drive. When you hire a limo driver, you don’t need to worry about how much you drink or getting behind the wheel of a car.

You’ll also get a skilled driver. Limo drivers are very experienced and trustworthy. They go through rigousous training and background screening before they are allowed behind the wheel.

More Privacy

Limos offer tinted windows, preventing anyone from the outside looking in.

There’s also a divider separating you from the driver. You can rest assured – you will have complete privacy and safety when riding in a limo.

More Intimacy

If you’re traveling with a moderate-size group, a limo offers more intimacy.

They’re perfect for conversations and overall spending time with frends or loved ones. The wrap-around seating makes it easy to talk to each and ensure no one feels left out.

While a party bus is ideal for a group of at least 10, limos are better for a group of 10 max.

Renting a Party Bus

Although limos can fit many people, they don’t offer the fun and flexibility of a party bus.

Party buses are ideal for large groups. While limos are large and comfortable, they’re not as spacious as party buses. Passengers can walk around, dance, and move around the bus comfortably.

Party buses have an overall different atmosphere.

They’re luxurious like a limo, but they offer a different experience. Party buses are not just a precursor to a party, they are where the party starts. You can turn on your favorite playlist and dance even before you get to your party destination.

Party Buses Offer More Amenities

Limos offer all of the staples of comfort, including refreshments and nice seating. However, party buses offer even more amenities.

Many party buses have TVs. Whether you’re watching the big game or you’re listening to music on YouTube, you can have many entertainment opportunities on a party bus.

Party buses usually have large ice chests or built in bars that can fit all the drinks you may want to bring onboard.

Plenty of Dancing

While a limo offers lots of space and your personalized playlist, it’s not exactly easy to dance in a limo.

If you’re going to a club or a concert with a group, a party bus is the best way to pregame and get the party started.

You can play your favorite music and start dancing with your friends on the bus. You will arrive at your destination prepared to party all night.

You Can Fit a Larger Crowd

Party buses are ideal for at least ten people. If you and a group of friends are going to a club, party, or event, a party bus will get the party going while you all safely arrive at your destination.

Party buses also prevent drinking and driving. You can all safely arrive without worrying about drinking, getting pulled over, or getting in an accident. You also save money on parking and other costs associated with driving.

Limo or Party Bus: Which Will You Choose?

Renting a party bus puts you at the height of the party while renting a limo will make you look classy and formal.

Both offer safety, a skilled driver, privacy, and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling like a celebrity. The transportation option you choose depends on your preference and your destination.

Are you looking for luxury transportation in Charleston? We offer both limos and buses. Get a quote today!

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